The center is licensed by the state of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
The center opened its doors on June 14, 1982.
Child ages six weeks through 12 years may enroll.
Children ages six weeks through twelve years may attend. Children who have enrolled before their 12th birthday may stay through the end of their 12th year.
Registrations are accepted year round.
No there is not a registration fee or security deposited required.
Yes, children are separate by ages in separate classrooms.
Yes, Summer Camp is designed for children who have completed Kindergarten. All summer campers must pay a "One-time" Yearly Summer Camp Activity fee. A summer camp activity schedule includes daily trips out of the building and frequent swimming opportunities. There is no other care available for children of this age.
Yes, although we do follow the District 300 calendar. There are scheduled activities for school days off and there will be extra charges and activity fees for these days.
Yes. Children ages six weeks through twelve years may enroll part-time but priority is given to those who wish to enroll on a full-time basis.
The center operates Monday through Friday from 6:30 am through 6:00 pm with the exception of infant and toddler rooms which open at 7:00 am. Office hours are from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuition fees are different for each age group and are determined in a variety of manners, such as hours in attendance, part-time (there is a premium rate for part-time enrollment), full time, etc.
No. According to licensing standards, when children exhibit symptoms that indicate that they may be contagious, parent/guardians should be called and asked to pick up their children. Symptoms that call for exclusion include, but are not limited to, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and undiagnosed rashes: etc.
Yes, as long as it is prescribed by a physician and proper permission slip releases have been signed. Prescription medications must be in their original container, with the child's full name and a current date on them. Children may stay as long as physician has diagnosed that they are not contagious. Non-prescription, over-the-counter, Medications may also be given under the same stipulations and according to package directions.
Yes, a fee is charged for late pickups.
Parents are not asked to sign contracts that bind them to any period of time. However, the center does charge a one-week security deposit, which is forfeited in case of withdrawal without a two week written notice.
Days may not be switched. However, days maybe added. See number 17 above.
Yes, however you are encouraged to "reserve" a place for your child by paying the registration fee and last week security deposit.
When a space becomes available, children will be placed according to their inquiry date. The parent will have the opportunity to place their child within two weeks of being contacted. If they choose not to start at that time, the next parent on the list will be contacted.
Lunch and two snacks are provided daily from the center's kitchen. An optional breakfast is available for a slight charge. Breakfast is only available from 6:45am until 7:45am. All meals are served family style and are planned according to nutrition guidelines from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Illinois State Board of Education. Infant parents will also have formula and stage-two baby food provided by the center as well, although if your infant requires special formula, you must provide it.
Parents are always encouraged to visit anytime. No notice is needed when choosing to join your child for lunch. However, please notify us by 10:00am so that we may add you to our lunch count. Parents may also choose to take their child out for lunch. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's room in any way they feel comfortable.
The center provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum
Infants - 1 adult to 4 children Infant/Toddlers - 1 to 4 Toddlers - 1 to 5 2 years - 1 to 8 or 2 to 14 3 years - 1 to 10 or 2 to 18 4 - 5 years - 1 to 10 or 2 to 19 K- 5th grade -1 to 20
We look for teachers with Early Childhood degrees. It is important to us that we find teachers with experience who show the ability to nurture young children. As a minimum, teachers must have one year of college classes with six in early childhood and 1560 teaching hours in a licensed child care facility.
All personnel are required to supply three written references, which are followed up by telephone conversations. In addition, employees must undergo a physical examination providing proof of fitness for the position, drug testing, as well as background and fingerprinting checks through the Central Registrar of the State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

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